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If you are new to Village Baptist, want to know what we are about - or how to get involved, then have a look! 

There is heaps to see, do and learn for all ages.

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Listen to Sermons

Due to COVID19 we are now live streaming on Sunday's at 10.00am look for us on Facebook or Youtube.

We may not be able to record our services at the moment but you will be able to watch them on Facbook or Youtube.  For existing pre-recorded sermons click "Listen Now".

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Find the answer to the questions we get asked most commonly. 

If you haven't been to Village Baptist before this is where we answer the how, when and where questions!

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Come As You Are

We are a church of ordinary people who don’t pretend to have it all together, but who love Jesus. 

Everyone is welcome to join us as we learn what it means to be a fully committed followers of Jesus. 

Don’t wait till you have it all sorted – because we don’t

Be Transformed

We are a community of people who have been called by Christ to be something greater than we currently are.  We are intentional and excited to be on a journey of personal transformation.

We do our part and God does his as he works in us through the Holy Spirit to make us more like Christ, and to be the people we were always created to be.


Make A Difference

God calls each of us to perform specific tasks that we are each uniquely equipped for.  We have been given all the tools we need, and all the resources of heaven are available to us.

Ultimately we want our lives to count for Christ and make an eternal difference.  This means moving beyond words and knowledge to action.


Get involved today and make a difference!


Contact us

Our Address:

PO BOX 8587
147 Te Aute Road
Havelock North

Contact Us:

P: 06 877-4606
E: office@villagebaptist.org.nz
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

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